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Lithuanian Language A2 (for Ukrainians)

This course is aimed at the students who previously had some exposure to Lithuanian or completed Beginner (A1) Lithuanian course. The course aims at helping the students to achieve a greater command of the grammatical concepts acquired previously as well as introducing new grammatical material. Most attention is paid to the tasks that help the students develop active language usage and enrich vocabulary.


Having completed the course students will be able to:

  1. to speak on the themes covered during the course;
  2. to ask and answer questions on the themes covered during the course;
  3. to use the public phrases on the themes covered during the course;
  4. to write texts on the themes covered during the course;
  5. to use different grammatical categories in written texts and oral communication


Travelling and transportation
  • Vocabulary: a) means of travel, b) destinations, c) giving directions, d) arrival / departure time, e) holiday travelling; f) sightseeing, g) tourism activities;
  • Grammar: place and time prepositions, b) question words, c) numerals, d) prefixes.
House and home
  • Vocabulary: a) Parts of buildings, b) household appliances, c) furniture, d) household items and chores, e) renting a house or apartment.
  • Grammar: a) Endings of adjectives, b) endings of adjectival pronouns, c) the comparative and superlative degree.
Weather and climate
  • Vocabulary: a) Seasons and the weather, b) climate zones; c) climate change and nature.
  • Grammar: a) Numerals, b) government and agreement.
Fashion and style:
  • Vocabulary: a) Clothes and accessories, b) shopping, c) prices, d) politeness phrases, e) adjectives describing clothes.
  • Grammar: a) Derivation of adjectives, b) the imperative mood and the subjunctive mood, c) relative clauses.
Health and hygiene:
  • Vocabulary: a) Body parts, b) personal care, c) illness and medicine.
  • Grammar: a) Reflexive verbs, b) derivation of diminutives, c) conjunction.

Detailed study programme for learning in a group

Planned beginning of training

  • 2023-05-31 - 2023-07-13


  • 7 weeks


  • Lietuvių


  • 160 academic hours (6 ECTS credits)

Target group

  • Ukrainians

Prerequisites for entering the course

  • A1 knowledge of Lithuanian language

Acknowledgement of acquired competencies

  • A document certifying the obtained competence.

Elena Pakalnytė

Lecturer at Vytautas Magnus University

She works as a lecturer at Vytautas Magnus University and teaches Lithuanian as a foreign language (A1 level) and Practical grammar of Lithuanian language (for A2 and B1 levels). Fields of interest include various languages, multilingualism, language acquisition, editing.

Vytautas Magnus University provides individualised in-service training programmes for companies.

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