About training

If you want to learn, increase your advantage in the professional activity or just develop, we propose that you try open distance learning.

You can choose the subjects of preferred length for individual study or learning in a group on-line, having connected to the Internet in any convenient place and in any time.

Distance learning means – that one has to register, pay for studies, connect to the virtual learning environment, receive consultations in video conferences, complete assignments and get a certificate remotely.

The present website offers subjects for distance learning. . Dalykų trukmė – nuo 3 savaičių iki 4 mėnesių. The length of the subjects is from 3 weeks to 4 months. Each course description is supplied with the information about lecturers, a curriculum, the number of contact hours, beginning and end of studies, forms of assignment and payment for studies.

Choose subjects from the fields of technologies, law, arts, social sciences and other. The supply of subjects in the portal is constantly renewed following society needs and expectations. If you cannot find the subject you would like to study, write to us and, if possible, we will create it specially for you!

Learning organisation

You can choose one of the two ways of learning organisation:

  1. Learning in a group. If you choose learning in a group, pay attention to the date of the beginning of training. When studies begin, subject related lectures and consultations are delivered by the lecturer periodically and are regarded as equivalent to contact time (they take place at the agreed hour, in real time). You participate in lectures remotely, complete the lecturer’s assignments in the virtual learning environment (group activities could be planned), constantly communicate with the lecturer and other learners and receive feedback from the lecturer. When the learning period is over, the lecturer organises the assessment of learning results. Having received successful evaluation, under the lecturer’s decision, you are granted a certificate.
  2. Individual learning. If you choose individual studies, you receive access to learning content and study individually following the plan, prepared by the lecturer. When you decide that you have mastered the subject, you address the lecturer (by the given e-mail) and agree about the time of assessment of learning results. Having received successful evaluation, under the lecturer’s decision, you are granted a certificate.

Acknowledgement of learning results

Having completed the learning process and received successful evaluation, you are granted a certificate of Vytautas Magnus University which indicates the subject, its volume in hours (and the equivalent in ECTS, if applied) and acquired competencies. Acknowledgement of learning results.

A person who has not fulfilled the conditions given in the course description or has not achieved positive learning results, can receive the certificate of Vytautas Magnus University testifying about his /her participation in the learning process.