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Speaking Practice of the Lithuanian Language II (for A2 and B1 levels)

The subject is intended for the Lithuanian diaspora and foreigners with a basic knowledge of the Lithuanian language. The aim of the subject is to improve communication skills in Lithuanian, to expand the vocabulary, and to provide broader socio-cultural knowledge.

Way of learning

Having completed the course students will be able to:

  • To to speak and handle a conversation (to ask and answer questions) on the topics covered during the course;
  • To ground one’s opinion;
  • To understand spoken Lithuanian related to the topics that are covered during the course;
  • To understand some information on TV and radio.


  • “Environment: where do we live and work?” Vocabulary: home, places to stay, various workplaces, office, Lithuanian living and working environment (culture and traditions).
  • “Agenda: what do we do every day?” Vocabulary: food and shopping, meeting people and traveling.
  • “Leisure activities and hobbies: what is your hobby?” Vocabulary: outdoor and indoor activities, educational activities, collecting and competing hobbies.
  • “Appearance and character: what is your friend like?” Vocabulary: appearance, clothing, style, character, compliments.
  • “Health: what to do in order to be healthy?” Vocabulary: healthy lifestyle, physical and mental health, healthy eating habits, hygiene and self-care.

Detailed study programme for learning in a group

Planned beginning of training

  • 2023-09-06 - 2023-12-01


  • 14 weeks (III 16.00-18.30)


  • Lietuvių


  • 160 academic hours (6 ECTS)

Target group

  • Anyone seeking to learn more about the Lithuanian language and improve the acquired communication skills. Lithuanian diaspora, foreigners

Prerequisites for entering the course

  • Finished or being enrolled in the course Lithuanian for Foreigners A2

Acknowledgement of acquired competencies

  • Certificate or an academic certificate (if required)

Regina Sabonytė

VMU PhD student in philology, lecturer at the Department of Lithuanian Studies

Besides being passionate about the Lithuanian language as a philologist, she is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Lithuanian intonation while at the same time working on other speech-technology-related projects. Her scientific interests are intonational phonetics and phonology as well as analysis of extralinguistic and paralinguistic language elements. She teaches Lithuanian as a Foreign Language A1, Lithuanian Phonetics and Grammar (for Lithuanian as a Foreign Language A1 students), Speaking Practice of the Lithuanian Language II (for A2 and B1 levels), Professional Language (for students of Logistics and Commerce, Tourism Industries, and Rural Development).

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