Rules and conditions

By registering in the Vytautas Magnus University Open e-studies portal (hereinafter – VMU Open e-studies), you confirm that you have been introduced to the conditions and rules (hereinafter – Rules) of portal use agreement, accept the Rules and consent to observing them. While using the services of, you also agree to periodically review the conditions of this agreement and learn about the changes if there are such. Your further activity in the portal shall be regarded as your consent to the Rules of the portal.

1. General conditions
1.1. VMU Open e-studies portal is a Vytautas Magnus University (hereinafter – VMU) distance learning platform of non-formal education, presenting study subjects prepared by VMU lecturers and providing distance learning services.
1.2. The Rules of VMU Open e-studies portal stipulate the conditions and restrictions of services provided in the portal, as well as rights and obligations and other provisions obligatory for all users of the VMU Open e-studies portal.
1.3. The activity of the portal is organised, supported and coordinated by VMU. VMU has a right to change the Rules of VMU Open e-studies exploitation. Such changes come into power after they
have been announced in the VMU Open e-studies portal at
1.4. Using the portal shall be regarded as a complete agreement of every user with the portal Rules and their changes. VMU Open e-studies users have to regularly read and learn
about the Rules of the website exploitation, in order to receive timely information about performed changes and are obliged to keep to them.
1.5. By indicating your e-mail address during registration, you agree to receive the VMU Open e-studies newsletter related to the news and offers of the website

2. Services available at the VMU Open e-studies portal
2.1. VMU Open e-studies provide users with opportunities to:
2.1.1. Get trainings in a blended or fully remote way;
2.1.2. Choose the way of learning organisation that would be
most suitable or the user
2.1.3. Access the subject learning content;
2.1.4. Complete the activities given by the lecturer thus
checking and mastering the acquired knowledge;
2.1.5. Receive the VMU certificate indicating the subject, its
volume in hours (and equivalent in ECTS if applied) and
acquired competencies. The acknowledgement of study results is implemented in the form decided by the lecturer. The provided
certificate is in the electronic form with the possibility to print it
out. The list of granted certificates is available for the user at
“My subjects”: A person who
has not fulfilled given in the course description or has not
received a positive assessment of learning results, can get a
VMU certificate verifying his/her participation in the study
2.1.6. Give questions to lecturers and receive answers, as well
as see the questions of other learners and the answers of

2.2. The set of services is constantly reviewed.
2.3. The learner can use the study content only for personal
purposes to ensure the learning process. Any other instances of
learning content exploitation are strictly prohibited.

3. Privacy
3.1. All personal information given while using the VMU Open e-
study portal is administered according to the VMU Open e-studies
Privacy Policy the conditions of which are partially included into the
rules and conditions of use of the portal.

4. Registration, obligations and rights of the VMU Open e-studies portal user
4.1. To become a registered VMU Open e-studies portal user, it is
necessary to fill in the registration form. You will get a link by the given
e-mail and clicking on it you will activate the account and thus will be
registered at the VMU Open e-studies portal.
4.2. A user who has purchased at least one subject at the VMU
Open e-studies portal and has signed at least one agreement with the
VMU is included into the data base persons studying at VMU.
4.3. A user is obliged not to share his/her data of access of VMU
Open e-studies user with other persons.
4.4. At registration a user is obliged to present only correct and
detailed personal data. A user is prohibited to accomplish registration
with alien data. If a user presents wrong, superficial or imprecise data,
VMU has a right to not register the user or remove the user from the list
of registered persons immediately and without warning.
4.5. A user is obliged to immediately inform the VMU administration
about any case of unlawful use of the user’s password or any other
infringement of security conditions.
4.6. A user, having finished the session in the portal, has to make
sure that he/she has logged out from personal account. VMU is not
responsible for any damages or expenses caused by the user’s
behaviour that does not comply with the rules of the portal.
4.7. If a user has forgotten the password, he/she has to send a
message to VMU administration in the portal authorization section concerning the renewal of the password by clicking on the indicator
“Forgotten password?”. A new password will be sent at the e-mail
address indicated in the registration form.
4.8. All personal data of registered users of the VMU Open e-studies
portal are protected by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
4.9. If a user does not agree with rules of using the VMU Open e-
studies website and does not want to continue being provided with the
VMU services, he/she can refuse the user account by sending a
request at the e-mail address indicated in the VMU Open e-studies
portal section “Contacts”. Having received a request about the
elimination of the user account, all personal user data will be deleted in
one day.
4.10. VMU administration has a right to eliminate a user account
without the user’s consent, if the user does not keep to or infringes the
rules of VMU Open e-studies portal. In this case, all personal data of
the user will be deleted.
5. Copyright and related rights
5.1. All intellectual property rights related with the VMU Open e-studies
portal belong to VMU. In the instance of infringement of these rights, a
guilty person will be held liable according to the normative acts of the
Republic of Lithuania and shall be obliged to cover for damages
incurred by VMU as a result of such activity.
5.2. The objects of intellectual property placed in the portal are
protected by the Copyright law. Any instance of using the object of
intellectual property placed in the VMU Open e-studies portal is
permitted only with the written consent of the VMU administration and
by keeping to the rules of use.
5.3. It is strictly prohibited to recreate the information given in the
VMU Open e-studies portal and make it publicly accessible in other
Internet websites or traditional media, or in any other wireless way, as
well as by means of any other equipment of sign, sound and video
transmission, to disseminate by selling, renting, lending or otherwise
passing over for ownership or management, importing or exporting
without the VMU consent. If the consent is received, it is necessary to
indicate VMU as the source.

6. Other conditions
6.1. The promoter of specific material is responsible for the study
content presented in the VMU Open e-studies portal and its
correspondence to the requirements of normative acts of the Republic
of Lithuania.
6.2. VMU is not responsible for the content of information presented
in its portal in the following cases:
6.2.1. When it is presented by the portal user (user reviews and
comments, other information given by users).

6.2.2. The content of other Internet websites that have their
links in the VMU Open e-studies portal.

6.3. All disputes between VMU and a portal user concerning
observation of these rules shall be resolved in negotiation. In cases
when it would not be possible to negotiate, disputes shall be resolved
according to the valid normative acts of the Republic of Lithuania
according to the order stipulated in the normative acts of the Republic
of Lithuania.
6.4. VMU collects data about the user activity in the VMU Open e-
studies portal.