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Practical Grammar of Lithuanian Language (for A2 and B1 levels)

This subject is aimed at students who have achieved the A1 or A2 level of Lithuanian language. The course aims to improve the students’ knowledge of Lithuanian grammar, and introduce new grammatical material.


Having completed the course, the students will be able to use:

  • pronouns;
  • adjectives in various degrees;
  • quantitative and ordinal numerals;
  • verbs in all tenses, reflexive verbs, imperative and subjunctive mood, verbs with prefixes;
  • diminutive forms;
  • prepositions.


  • Pronouns: personal pronouns, reflexive pronoun savęs, interrogative pronoun kas, generalizing pronouns viskas ir niekas, demonstrative pronouns šis ir tas.
  • Adjectives: adjective agreement, neuter gender, qualitative adverbs, comparison: comparative and superlative degrees.
  • Numerals: quantitative and ordinal numerals, numeral agreement.
  • Verbs: tenses, reflexive verbs, imperative and subjunctive moods.
  • Suffixation – creating diminutives.
  • Creating verbs with prefixes.
  • Prepositions.

Detailed study programme for learning in a group

Planned beginning of training

  • 2023-02-03 - 2023-05-19


  • 15 weeks (V 11.30-14.00)


  • Lietuvių
  • Anglų


  • 160 academic hours (6 ECTS)

Target group

  • Lithuanian diaspora, foreigners

Prerequisites for entering the course

  • Attending or have finished courses of A2 level of Lithuanian language

Acknowledgement of acquired competencies

  • A document certifying the obtained competence or an academic certificate (upon the student’s request)

Elena Pakalnytė

Lecturer at Vytautas Magnus University

She works as a lecturer at Vytautas Magnus University and teaches Lithuanian as a foreign language (A1 level) and Practical grammar of Lithuanian language (for A2 and B1 levels). Fields of interest include various languages, multilingualism, language acquisition, editing.

Vytautas Magnus University provides individualised in-service training programmes for companies.

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