Mano dalykaiŠį dalyką galite peržiūrėti nuotolinių studijų aplinkoje.

Students Exchange Area for Guided Language Learning (SEAGULL)

In the environment you will find a database for collaborative language learning. Through tandem learning you gain the opportunity to learn languages ​​outside of school/university, in an informal environment or virtually. During each meeting/lesson you change roles – the student becomes a teacher and vice versa. For such collaborative learning to be effective, an accessible database with linguistic and pedagogical material is created.

This course is free! You can access it here.

The environment provides linguistic material for tandem teaching: 15 lessons adapted to language levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and 20 lessons related to communication in public areas in English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, French, Russian, Swedish, Turkish and German. There are exercises, video and audio material, pedagogical material for each tandem participant in each lesson, the aims of the lesson and it is explained how to perform the lesson tasks more effectively.


  • Lietuvių
  • Anglų


  • min. 15 hours

Prerequisites for entering the course

  • Basics of foreign language

Acknowledgement of acquired competencies

  • SEAGULL sertificate

Jurgita Šerniūtė

Lecturer at the Institute of Foreign Languages

Research interests: intercultural communication, English language teaching methodology and didactics, integrated language and subject teaching.

Jurgita Cvilikaitė-Mačiulskienė

Lecturer of the Institute of Foreign Languages

Have been working as a lecturer at VMU for more than 15 years. Have taught General English (levels A1-B2), Legal English (C1/C2), Translation of Specialised Texts, as well as Lithuanian as a Foreign Language. The main areas of her research interests are translation, lexical semantics, TEFL and implementation of ICT in language teaching.

Juratė Andriuškevičienė

Lecture of the Institute of Foreign Languages

Research interests: German language teaching methodology, tools and effectiveness, teaching and learning theories, methods and strategies, use of information technology in foreign language teaching, improvement of German as a foreign language teaching, Integrated subject and language training.

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