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Basic Lithuanian as a foreign language A1.1

If you can speak English and want to learn the basics of Lithuanian language – this course is for you!


After the completion of this course you will be able to:

  • articulate Lithuanian sounds correctly;
  • use grammatical and lexical constructions appropriate for level A1.1;
  • read and understand texts appropriate for level A1.1;
  • understand audio recordings appropriate for level A1.1;
  • provide and to ask for necessary information;
  • start and to maintain a simple conversation, to ask and to answer questions;
  • briefly talk on the topics listed above;
  • to write a simple text (a note, a letter, an sms),
  • to fill in a short questionnaire.

During the language learning course you will learn:

  • The alphabet.
  • The main regularities of pronunciation.
  • The present tense of verbs.
  • Singular nominative, genitive, accusative, locative and vocative of nouns.
  • Plural nominative, genitive and accusative of nouns.
  • Prepositions “į”, “pas”, “iš”, “prie”.
  • Genitive for possession.
  • Possessive and demonstrative pronouns.
  • Genitive for names.
  • Nominative and accusative of numerals; agreement with nouns.
  • Singular and plural nominative of adjectives; agreement with nouns.
  • Question formation.

The main topics while learning Lithuanian:

  • Countries, cities, citizens.
  • Making acquaintance.
  • The city.
  • A telephone conversation.
  • Professions.
  • Days of the week, a weekend.
  • Family, relatives.


  • 8 savaitės


  • 80 ak.val.

Target group

  • All who speak English and want to learn Lithuanian / Kalbantys angliškai ir norintys išmokti lietuvių kalbos

Prerequisites for entering the course

  • Be able to communicate in English / Mokėti anglų kalbą

Acknowledgement of acquired competencies

  • Level A1.1 certificate / A1.1 kalbinę kompetenciją liudijantis pažymėjimas (gavus teigiamą įvertinimą po baigiamojo atsiskaitymo)

Jurgita Cvilikaite

Lecture of the Institute of Foreign Languages

Research interests: English language teaching methodology, use of information technologies in language teaching, lexical semantics, translation. Textual linguistics. The lecturer is a member of the Scientific Clusters of the Computer Linguistic Center "Digital and Digital Voice Research, Resource and Technology Development and Application".

Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas teikia įmonėms individualizuotas kvalifikacijos kėlimo programas.

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