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Open Educational Resources

The aim of this course is to analyze open educational resource initiatives in Europe and the world, to be able to locate, create, use and re-use OER in TEL and teaching process, assessing the quality, openness and possibilities to use OER in education.

Way of learning

Course outcomes:

  • to define the concept of Open Educational Resources and its development,
  • to identify the level of „openness“ of OER and the possibilities of their use,
  • to identify OER repositories,
  • to select and use (or adapt/reuse) OER in designing curriculum content for a learning activity, and to integrate OER in a virtual learning environment,
  • to create and apply OER in professional practices updating curriculum designing,
  • to share OER in national and international social and professional online communities.

Content (topics):

  • The concept of OER and its impact to designing TEL curriculum and learning and teaching process organization. Openness and possibilities.
  • OER and practices. Quality evolution and reliability.
  • Designers and users of OER. The most popular repositories of OER
  • The main international repositories. Integration of OER in curriculum.
  • Policy and institutional culture of the use of OER. The benefits of using OER.
  • OER developed by user communities. Web 2.0 and social networking.
  • Semantic web and other challenges.


  • 15 weeks


  • Anglų


  • 155 acad. hours (6 ECTS)

Prerequisites for entering the course

  • Beginner

Acknowledgement of acquired competencies

  • Digital badge, digital certificate recognized in Course creator organization

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Airina Volungevičienė

Associate professor in Education, Director of Innovative Studies Institute

Prof. dr. Airina Volungevičienė is Chair of the Board of LieDM association (Lithuanian Association of Distance and e-Learning).  Prof. dr. Airina Volungevičienė has been working among leading researchers, methodology specialists and education policy makers in the area of technology enhanced learning (TEL) development in Europe and Lithuania since 1997.

Rita Misiulienė

Northern Lithuania college distant studies coordinator

She graduated Šiauliai University in 2010 with bachelor's in computer network administration, in 2012 graduated from Kaunas university of Technology and obtained a master's degree in distance learning information technology. From 2010 works at Northern Lithuania college as a lecturer and from 2012 as distant studies coordinator. From 2013 she is a member of LieDM association. Main research and interest areas - distance (e-learning) studies, application of ICT in studies, design of distance course content.

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