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Contemporary Education

The course is for students to present with the basics of education, focusing on technology impact and for learning. This course is to provide with some knowledge of the position and significance of education in a contemporary world as well as to introduce the object of education science.

Way of learning

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Learning objectives of the course:

  • To characterize and explain educational processes and the spread of educational innovations in Europe;
  • To determine the need and purpose of technology use in planning and organizing learning;
  • To lead learning process applying relevant learning strategies and methods;

Learning outcomes of the course:

  • Educational process and the spread of educational innovations in Europe characterized and explained;
  • The need and purpose of technology use in planning and organizing learning determined;
  • Innovative learning methods and strategies introduced.

Detailed study programme for individual learning


  • 5 weeks


  • Anglų


  • 25 hours

Target group

  • Teachers and trainers, future teachers

Acknowledgement of acquired competencies

  • Will be rewarded with the active participant badge

Estela Daukšienė

Lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences, President of LieDM association

Estela Daukšienė is responsible for teacher consultations on online studies and management of online study programme “Education and Information Technologies”. She has worked as a specialist, administrator, project manager and researcher at various educational institutions. She is also a lecturer at Institute of Education (Vytautas Magnus University). Currently she is also the president of Lithuanian Association of Distance and e-Learning (LieDM association).

Jurgita Šerniūtė

Lecturer at the Institute of Foreign Languages

Research interests: intercultural communication, English language teaching methodology and didactics, integrated language and subject teaching.

Vaida Jurgilė

Lecturer at the Academy of Education, researcher

Dr. Vaida Jurgilė is a lecturer at the Academy of Education of  Vytautas Magnus University, researcher, editor-in-chief of the scientific journal "Pedagogika".    

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